City of West Lafayette, Indiana v. Lafayette TV, LLC (Eminent Domain)

DeLaney & DeLaney LLC represented Lafayette TV, LLC to defend against an eminent domain proceeding where the City of West Lafayette sought to take land for an expansion project on Yeager Road. The taking forced the business to relocate its signage and add parking spaces. West Lafayette also obtained an easement for a portion of Lafayette TV’s ingress and egress during roadway construction. West Lafayette’s initial offer for these damages and disruptions would not have adequately compensated Lafayette TV. DeLaney & DeLaney LLC successfully secured a final judgment commensurate with Lafayette TV’s actual damages by convincing the court-appointed appraisal panel that Lafayette TV’s damages significantly exceeded West Lafayette’s initial offer. City of West Lafayette, Indiana v. Lafayette TV, LLC, Cause No.: 79D02-2105-PL-000046, Tippecanoe Circuit Court.


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