Rebecca J. Denman, M.D. v. St. Vincent Carmel Hospital and St. Vincent Medical Group

DeLaney & DeLaney LLC represented Dr. Beki Denman, who was falsely accused of drinking on the job by a nurse at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital.  Instead of following the hospital’s written policy requiring immediate reporting and testing of anyone suspected of being impaired at work, the nurse waited twelve hours to send an email with the accusation, denying Dr. Denman the chance to clear her name by blood or urine test.  The Hospital CMO immediately notified Dr. Denman’s boss at St. Vincent Medical Group, without talking to Dr. Denman or doing any investigation.  Dr. Denman also alleged that the Medical Group falsely suggested to Dr. Denman a “peer review” committee had decided that she needed to submit to alcohol evaluation.  This set off a series of dramatically unfortunate events which drastically impacted Dr. Denman’s life.  Dr. Denman sued for defamation, intentional interference in employment relationships, fraud, constructive fraud, negligent misrepresentation and conspiracy.  After a four-day jury trial, Dr. Denman secured a $4.75M award.  Defendants pursued all levels of appeal, but at the end of that process with statutory interest and a favorable ruling from the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Judgment grew to $5.89M.  Reported case decisions:  Denman v. St. Vincent Med. Grp., Inc., 176 N.E.3d 480 (Ind. Ct. App. 2021), reh’g denied (Oct. 29, 2021), transfer denied, 2022 WL 348897 (Ind. Jan. 27, 2022).


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